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Jan 16 2011

What’s on My Plate Tonight

A client called me while I was getting dinner out tonite.  Of course he wanted to know what “I” would be eating.

Truthfully I recited the menu of hamburger, and french fries (made in the oven of course with a smattering of olive oil).

He was shocked that “I” would have such a dinner.

Obviously I haven’t been a good enough coach in the dietary department, because we can all eat most foods and not become unhealthy or overweight as long as we “manage” our diet like we do the rest of our lives.

Having seen a “roll” encroaching on my waistband today, I decided not to have a bagel(the hamburger bun of choice out of the freezer, which happened to be white, and void of nutritional value, and loaded with simple carbs-hence sugar), which would enhance “my” roll.

So, I had a bunless burger – did not miss it one bit, had all my usual condiments, mustard, relish,  and vinegar with the home made fries, felt no guilt, and know it was a righteous act in the dietary department for the day.  ……

Moral of the story, little things add up to little changes.  Brings your awareness to the value of the bun.

Below are a couple of recipes you might want to try, the last one is not something you would eat everyday but every once inn awhile, in moderation, enjoy!

Bun-less Veggie Burger

Bun-less Veggie Burger

Recipe from Real Healthy Recipes

Heres what you need:

  1. Cook your frozen burger patties in a nonstick pan — no oil needed.
  2. On your plate layer a large lettuce leaf, sliced cucumber, a layer of hummus, veggie patty, another layer of hummus, a slice of tomato and avocado slices. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

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