Jan 24 2011

Motorcycle Show Weekend Wrap-up

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It’s the day after an exciting show out at the Abottsford Tradex.  Met a lot of fabulous and interesting people, the Motorcygalz, a dynamic trio (one was missing) from Kelowna, check them out on their website.  Ran into a trainer I used to work with, Josh Dirnfield and bought my Joe Rocket cycle jacket, he has his own business, Rubber Side Down, in Richmond.  Logged an awful lot of steps around that venue for four days.

Had fabulous meals at fine restaurants three nights in a row, but managed to lose four pounds.  So what’s the fitness point of this blog?   Mostly mental.  Last year at the show I decided to take motorcycle lessons and get my license.  I’ve done that, and now have picked out my bike at this show and will  buy it.  I chose a goal and pursued it.  This makes me feel really good.  I didn’t formally exercise for four days.

Periodically I took a full body stretch (a modified down dog with my hands on the counter), a few calf raises once and a while, calf stretch, quad stretch.  Because I was standing and walking 90% of the time, this was a great release for my spine, back  and leg muscles.  And, because I exceeded my 10,000 steps a day, I was active enough without doing formal “cardio”.  This makes me feel good.

Are you doing things that make you feel good?  Your mind sort of sets the stage for you each day.

If you don’t like the setting, change it a bit.

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